Members are the foundation of an association. CMG is dedicated to working closely with volunteers to understand member needs through membership surveys, talking directly with members, analyzing data, and understanding your specific industry to secure new members and to retain existing members. Our team has extensive experience in developing and interpreting needs assessments as well as learning about the organization’s perception from members, affiliates and its competitors.

We will:

  • Develop and maintain member and prospective member databases.
  • Adhere to recruitment timelines.
  • Develop and implement membership campaigns.
  • Monitor the success of membership campaigns.
  • Engage new members.
  • Implement plans to retain current members.
  • Develop monthly membership reports which identify trends from year to year.
  • Implement membership management software or acclimate our team to whichever software you currently use.
  • Facilitate the membership renewal process.

If you’re looking for something not mentioned, just ask! Your purpose is our passion. This is the just the beginning. Contact us at (412) 243-5181 and partner with us to maximize the success of your association.